Sunday, January 22, 2006

Gospel Storyboard ::
This little tattered cardboard jewelry box has been sitting on a bookshelf in my study forever. I got it from a seminary classmate after she made a presentation in class (I can't even remember which degree, much less which class). The rubber band that held it all together has long since deteriorated, but the slides inside have survived well enough to be scanned. As best I can tell, the slides are photos of storyboards used by missionaries in presenting the basic concepts of the Christian Gospel. My classmate, as I recall, was kind enough to make duplicates of her slides for each student in the class. I wish I knew the origin of the storyboards. They are obviously Asian, but I have no idea of what culture. The eighth slide contains some printing, so perhaps a reader will recognize the language--and whether I have the slide in backwards.

Check out the slides, along with my commentary, at Gospel Story Board.


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