Sunday, August 21, 2005

Road Signs ::

With each nightfall Daniel felt more hopelessly lost. Days before, he had embarked on a solo hunting trip in the Alaskan wilderness, feeling confident and self-sufficient. With an unexpected storm and perpetually overcast skies, it was impossible to get his bearings sans the compass he’d forgotten to pack. Would he find his way out before his provisions expired?

Emerging from a dense forest into the afternoon light of a clearing, the hunter saw a welcome sign of hope: the back side of a sign post! Nearing the sign, he saw the beginning of a dirt road. With new energy in each step, he came around to the front of the sign just as a motorist slowed to a stop on the road. Showing a relieved grin, the hunter looked upon the exasperated face of the driver, and then at the sign, which he could now read. “End of Road.”

To one lost man, the sign was a nuisance at the end of a long day of frustrating map searching and wrong turns; to the other, a herald of salvation.

The meaning you assign to life’s road signs is unique to your perspective.

* * *

This new blog is a road sign of sorts. It is the beginning of a deeper level of sharing my stuff on the web, namely excepts from my recently published book. It also corresponds with a redesign of Faithnet, which I must say is more neatly packaged these days. For whatever it represents, I pray that it is one of those signs that you'll be glad to see.


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